Langurs (black-footed grey langur, tufted grey langur, Kashmir grey langur, Tarai grey langur, Northern Plains and Southern Plains grey langur, golden langur, Nilgiri langur, capped langur, etc) Phayre’s Leaf Monkey; Hoolock Gibbons, also the only species of apes in India. best. Some related species include the black-footed gray langur, the Kashmir gray langur and the tufted gray langur. They can have gray coats, as their name says, but their coat can also be yellowish. The Black-footed Gray Langur (Semnopithecus hypoleucos) is a species of concern belonging in the species group "mammals" and found in the following area(s): India. Unlike macaques, gray langurs are purely herbivorous animals. Once this Black-Footed Grey Langur is complete he will be going up for sale, along with some other pieces that are awaiting new homes (I will put the link in comments). Other sub species of Gray Langurs in India are black-footed gray langur, Tufted gray langur and Kashmir gray langur. - The Black-footed Grey Langur - The Southern Plains Grey Langur - The Tufted Grey Langur. Thought I would share this Black-Footed Grey Langur painting that I have been working on with my fellow monkey-fanatics! Folivorous Nilgiri langurs and black-footed grey langurs did not show variability in any behaviour, indicating weak or negligible within-group competition. Be the first to share what you think! Their face is slender and black, and they have long, tapering hands and feed. Golden Langur. Black-footed gray langur : Semnopithecus hypoleucos: Vulnerable: Population is unknown. . 0 comments. Question 4. Seven Subspecies: The Gray Langur monkey is the most common monkey found in South Asia with approximately 300,000 existing today.The seven subspecies of this monkey are the Nepal, Kashmir, Tarai, Northern Plains, Black-footed, Southern Plains and the Tufted Gray Langur. Black Footed Gray Langur Southern Plains Gray Langur It is the Tufted Gray Langur that is found inhabitating the slopes of Arunachala specially on the south east side. 100% Upvoted. 2. Acrylic painting on canvas 20x30”. no comments yet. We’re also amazing climbers and can live in all sorts of different climates. Black-footed gray langurs, also called dark-legged Malabar langurs and Malabar sacred langurs, are endemic to the Western Ghats, a mountain range on the southwestern coast of the Indian peninsula. We’re mainly grey and we have really long tails. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. The black-footed gray langur (Semnopithecus hypoleucos) is an Old World monkey, one of the species of langurs. This species is also known by the following name(s): Semnopithecus aeneas, Dark-legged Malabar Langur, Malabar Sacred Langur. Basically we’re pretty awesome, and if you’ve never heard of us, well, you should. Black-footed Gray Langur, Semnopithecus hypoleucos; Southern Plains Gray Langur, Semnopithecus dussumieri; Tufted Gray Langur, Semnopithecus priam; Physical Characteristics: The male Hanuman Indian monkey weighs around 18 kg while the female one weighs around 11 kg. There is a population decline because of the hunting and habitat loss: Southern plains gray langur : Semnopithecus dussumieri: Least concern: Population is unknown and is found to stable. The Amazing Golden langur is found only at the small region of Assam around the Brahmaputra River valley. share. The Golden langur or Gee’s golden langur is one of the most beautiful and endangered primate species in India. All of the Langur species are largely gray with a black face. Except in the bonnet macaque, the interindividual differences in activities in the other species were potentially due to the differences between lactating and non-lactating females. save hide report. Sort by.