Mine feels ugly, whereas his? Menu Search. He isn’t trying to hang you in the closet, waiting for the right time to take you out, instead, he is telling things as they are. You deserve better because you are ready to be loved and are willing to give love out. ✨ real(ly not) chill. He’s saying you deserve a better love than he feels for you or believes he will ever feel for you.. That’s not to say he doesn’t love you. They aren’t planning some massive destruction to your life and just sitting back, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. What he really means is “you don’t deserve me, i deserve better than you”. His makes me want to touch him and love him and tell him it will all be okay. Instead he’d say “I deserve you, and you deserve … If someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t have the time to invest upon you, accept that it simply wasn’t meant to be and that you do, in fact, deserve better! It’s a nice way of saying that he can’t give you what he knows you deserve in a relationship. I’m a whole lot better at it than taking care of myself. Another reason he might say “you deserve better” could be because he might think he’s too messed up to be in a relationship with you and knows that he’ll mess everything up. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. See also: better, deserve. People assume that this phrase implies that the other person is trying to say that they’re not up to your level – that you’re being humble for giving them a chance. You deserve better. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. Having said that, he might feel like a loser, since he wasn’t brave enough to confess things as they are and forced you to read between the lines. You see, perhaps he already has unresolved issues in his life and doesn’t want to trap you in a relationship he knows he won’t be able to manage. If you mistakenly take his remarks as a compliment, you won’t be the first girl to do so – but, reality check – it’s anything but a compliment! We need it to be something different. Definition of deserve better from in the Idioms Dictionary. “When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time.”, I guess I never do believe them the first time. We just prove how human we are. If he believes in you, in him – he would never say you deserve better. It may sound super simple, but realizing you deserve better in your relationship is no easy feat. It’s a nasty word, damage. It could mean that he’s simply not into you. poet. If you are hurting, this guided journal is for you. We want it to be something else. Well, at the risk of being too blunt and direct… he’s basically saying that he doesn’t love you as strongly as you seem to love him. Many of us are stepping into who we need to be to help ourselves deserve better. If you say that a person or thing deserves something, you mean that they should have it or receive it because of their actions or qualities. How simple can it get? When someone tells you they will hurt you, they will hurt you. He doesn’t like you like that and is trying to inform you subtly, hoping you’ll take the hint. And when it happens they will say, “I told you. If a man told you that you deserve better, chances are that he isn’t interested in you, for whatever reason, and chose a cowardly approach to a break up with you. Another word for deserve. You might’ve helped him analyze his own mental capacity by shedding light on his issues. Having said that, it’ll be wise to walk away than dwell on territory that wasn’t yours, to begin with. Don’t feed me this bullshit about how I deserve better, because we all know “you deserve better” is only easing your mind. Your reaction to him saying “you deserve better” is extremely important, since it could affect your self-esteem and perception regarding relationships: The least you can do is believe in him and accept the fact that it simply wasn’t meant to be. I’ve dated, or at the very least lusted, after them all: the ones with addictions, depression, anxiety, the lost ones, the ones who need validation and love. That is a clear show of doubt in your relationship and it’s lifespan. A man that tells you that you deserve better or that you are too good for him or anything of that nature already knows you are more invested that he is. "Someone who loves you in the way you deserve will act in a manner where it goes without question." It’s broad, all-encompassing, and 100% true. Maybe he has on-going personal issues he wants to work on before he dives into a relationship with someone else. It’s not that I think I can fix anyone. If he didn’t choose to avail the opportunity to be in a relationship with you, it’s his loss. From the point of view of an outsider looking in, … Having someone not want to do that means that you do deserve better. cares more about the relationship in a sense that they don't want to hurt you with their behavior, or maybe that they need to figure Find more ways to say deserve, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. What does deserve expression mean? If A Guy Tells You He Doesn't Deserve You, He Might Mean Something He's Too Scared To Say. You're not alone right now in searching for more meaning in your life. It only helps you sleep at night. With how hard you work every day, you deserve better from your employer. “You deserve better.” No. Synonyms for Deserve Better (other words and phrases for Deserve Better). You’ll learn the importance of letting go of past insecurities. When a man says you deserve better, he is trying to warn you ahead of time, hoping you won’t be disappointed when you don’t get your needs met from him. No man walks up and says “you deserve better” to a girl he may have a shot at being in a relationship with. No matter how harsh or moronic or heartless the reason, I deserve it. Know that this has nothing to do with you (many girls blame themselves for a man not loving them back) but know that it’s not your fault that he doesn’t appreciate you for the beauty you are, inside out. When he says you deserves better, he means that he will not become better for you. First examine your relationships with family and friends, and how you are being treated. Maybe it’s being raised with a psychology professor for a father and this weird, innate desire I have to apply bandaids to any bleeding hearts I come across. Even if he wants a girlfriend, chances are, you might just not be his type. writer. Ask yourself: what would you even do if you stayed? YDB is defined as You Deserve Better somewhat frequently. Here are three suggestions regarding what he might mean when he says “you deserve better”: When a man tells you that you deserve better, chances are, he is trying to warn you about potential heartbreak well ahead of time, just so that you won’t be disappointed or hurt when it actually happens since it will happen! Listen. Perhaps you’ve been raised in a social setup very different than his and he feels like he simply cannot cope up with your ways. Listen to what they are saying, as much as you want it to mean something else. Synonyms: merit, warrant, be entitled to, have a right to More Synonyms of deserve Look at your home, your level of abundance, your job. You deserve someone to love you dispite your faults, to be there for you when times get hard, to make you laugh when you are sad. YDB stands for You Deserve Better. Lleva tres años trabajando para esta empresa y nunca le han dado a usted un aumento de sueldo. Government officials clearly deserve some of the blame as well. That person is not you and I’m sorry, that is shitty and horrible and I want to hug you because I’ve been there. We all do, whether we readily admit it. Tune in to what they are stating, as much as you need it to mean something different. Have you ever been confused when someone was trying letting you down easy? Perhaps it’s easier to focus on someone else. The brighter side of the “you deserve better” phase is that at least it lets you see a man for what he truly is. Instead of confronting him and asking him why he chose to said what he said, simply accept the easy out and move on with your life. I keep forgetting what happens when you touch fire. Move on girl, he is not worth your time. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Se merece algo mejor. Sorry. When your lover says, "you deserve someone better," you're likely going to take that to mean that they believe they're not good enough for you. mental health activist. Nobody says “you deserve better” if they think they deserve you. Perhaps he doesn’t have enough time on his hands to invest himself in a relationship or he might not think that you’re important enough compared to everything else in his life at the moment. Speaking of insecurity, he might also feel a bit sad or depressed since he might’ve realized that he has low self-esteem. I hear the words. It’s the, “I’m going to hurt you.” Or, “You deserve better than me.”, “You’re so amazing, but I’m just messed up right now.”. Uncover inner peace and find the strength to move on with this guided journal + healing gift set which includes sage, a white purification candle, and a rose quartz stone. In conclusion, it can be said that not every relationship is meant to happen, and reality sucks but acceptance is what truly helps us evolve and become better human beings. It’s not healthy, and I know that. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. It's touching when someone says that because you assume it means they really value you and believe that they can't measure up. The reality of these words is that they uncover the truth. I deserve a real excuse for why you’re walking out that door. This may sound callous and cruel but is nothing short of reality doing its work. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! He might feel intimidated by your friends and family members and thus might not be able to live up to your expectations, even in the relationship itself.