Posted by Anonymous on Jul 08, 2010. My muffler has been making noises as soon as my car is turned off. I had been driving my car for a few miles (the car itself only had about 400 miles on it from the time I bought it) when I started hearing a faint whining noise from the engine compartment immediately after I turned the key off to shut the engine off - the whining noise would immediately start and gradually get fainter for about two seconds. It sounded like the fan trying to cool down or something, also the exhaust was boiling hot too. This helps extend engine life. hi everybody, i have a 93 dodge dakota 3.9 liter that has been making an odd knocking sound that lasts about 10 seconds after the motor is shut off. This noise is caused by the operation of the fuel evaporation leakage checking system and is normal. The tappets sit against springs which return the tappets to their original position after movement by the cam inside. An immediate engine restart and shutoff resulted in the same clicking/ticking noise. This is the sound of a fuel evaporation leakage check and, it does not indicate a malfunction. It comes from the heart of the engine on the driver's side and lasts a couple of minutes after each drive. No its shortly after i turn it off. It clicks pretty fast at first but as the car cools down, the clicking is less and less. Low Oil Level or Pressure. It will make that noise until the battery is dead. Always wondered about this...ever since I had the car 1 year ago. I have an '04 and hear a high pitch (very high frequency) noise for a second or two when the key is turned to auxiliary, but once the car is turned over its gone. Hey Dan I just expierenced a noise (not the one I mentioned from after the car is turned off) I deliver for restaurant s so the car is driving a lot I did a Swiss chalet one and had it on endicott street in my town and wen I pulled a U turn to go the way I came from had the wheels tuning I heard was like a creak creak creak until after the wheels were straight noise receded stopped . There are no lights … It … My car was making this fan noise after I turned off the engine and then When I turned on the engine and back off again the noise was gone and wondering what it can be Update : Could I possible damaged anything by turning on the engine then switching car off (which made the fan noise dissapear? The 2013 Hyundai Elantra has 4 problems reported for clicking noise from engine after turning car off. When I returned about 5 to 8 minutes later it was no longer making that noise. what is... 2017 rx 350 makes a noise when turned off - 2017 Lexus … The moment I do anything (close a door, insert key) to activate the car/electronics it goes away. Just after it turned cold here in Maryland, we started hearing a repetitive clicking noise after the engine was turned off. After turning off the car a whining noise is coming from the front. This noise is normally caused when the engine oil pressure is low or when the springs or camshafts are worn. Our XC70 just hit 10,000 miles. Just cooling off noise. If thats the same noise I'm interested too, not that its an issue for me but I do not know the source. Post by cammerz » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:47 am I noticed today after I drove my car a few times to the recycling and the supermarket then back home, after every time I turned the ignition off there was a buzzing/humming noise coming from the engine … Try to listen to the noise and see where it is coming from so you can get a better idea what the problem may be if any. The noise seems to be coming from the front somewhere. I have a noise like you are describing coming from my engine after I shut it off as well. Prior to turning off the car, I did notice all the temperature gages seemed normal. However, this does not indicate a malfunction. also, the truck has 222k miles on it, so if anyone has any suggestions of other items to check, please tell me. I thought I was crazy because it stopped shortly thereafter and I've never heard it since. I figured its just the radiator making noise. Is your car making a weird noise when it’s turned off? To start repairs an inspection is needed first so its a good idea to have a flashlight and a set of gloves. I could just take it to the dealership but i dont want to drive all that way just for them to tell me im an idiot. Noise from under the vehicle NOTE: You may hear a noise from under the vehicle approximately 5 to 10 hours after the engine is turned off. Hi, I collected my new A3 1.6 TDI yesterday (may post pics after this snow has cleared) and I noticed after driving 40 mins yesterday to a colleagues house after I turned the engine off and got out the car there was loud fan noises coming from the engine. Wait for about 10 seconds and then this suddenly loud whirring noise for a split second followed by a constant whirring fan from somewhere in the engine. It is bad news when the ticking sound in engine is coupled with low-level oil or low oil pressure. Make sure that the car has enough oil … But i just wanted to make sure its nothing bad. A few from up where the catalytic converter is and a few from under the car where the exhaust pipe is. It drives fine, but recently I have been hearing a clunking noise (two or three clunks) somewhere in the rear of the car AFTER I turn the car off. It's actually a device car manufactures install hidden under the hood that gets activated for about 10 mintues after you cut off the engine. This happened yesterday, had few people in the car. Sent from Free App Dropped them off at a house, when I turned off engine I noticed a loud noise coming form the front of the car. Whining sound from engine bay after car turned off? After turning off the engine, remove the key. I just concluded that it was normal, because it is consistently doing it, and I have had no trouble with the car so far. Step 1 If so, and you can’t identify it, someone at the Leith Volkswagen Raleigh service center can. If you can keep the rust off your engine parts, then these “ping” and “pang’s” are as trivial as they sound. I took it to my mechanic but of course it wouldn’t do it for him. My '01 Corolla occasionally makes a soft groaning noise after the car is in park and turned off. It's technical name for this device is "the clicker thingy". Maybe that's what it is. After turning off the engine it makes a noise sounds like a release air pressure - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 2005 Subaru Forester X - 194k miles I noticed a whining sound coming from my car after a long drive and searched for the cause and it seems to be coming from the alternator and the whining sound is heard after the car is turned off and while it is on. A gurgling sound coming from under the hood could indicate a lot of things from the mundane to the very serious. Now that I have a boost/vacum gauge I see more of whats happening. The noise will stop after approximately 15 minutes. Park your car on level ground while the engine is off and in cool condition. the fan isnt hitting anything, as the noise continues after the fan has stopped. However, ticking noise in car could be a serious issue in these conditions: 1. Always made this suction noise when turning off the car (no codes). Two days ago, a beeping noise started occurring after shutting the engine off. ... while yo have the vehicle on a jack stand with the engine off and making sure that the wheels are set straight, hold the tire on top and bottom and try to move it if there is any movement felt you have bad wheel bearings. my 2017 rx 350 has been parked in the garage for about 3 hours and it is making some type of electric-like noise, maybe a pump like noise. It does not clunk while driving or braking or slowing down: only right after the ignition is turned off. When I got out of my car, I noticed that it sounded as if the car was still running, but my engine was completely turned off. Any idea what might be causing this? When I turn off the ignition (whether or not I take the key out) the car beeps (as if the driver door was open, when its not). No problems when driving but when I come home and shut it off, you can hear fast clicking sounds coming from the exhaust. Odds are good though that it's nothing to lose sleep over or a simple fix. Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual / For your information / Noise from under vehicle after turning off the engine. Approximately five hours after the engine is turned off, you may hear sound coming from under the vehicle for several minutes. 1987 Camry. After 10 - 20 seconds it stops suddenly, this happens mainly after short journeys on cold days, however sometimes it makes a different noise that is alot louder like a low engine noise again once the engine is off and it will stop abruptly. The water pump keeps running to continue to cool down the engine after you turn it off if above a certain temp. Buzzing/Humming from engine bay after engine turned off. so my engine keeps making a clanking noise, but after each clank its slower until it stops... maybe its the crankshaft but im trying to get other's opinions ... My car makes a sound like a clanking fan after I turn it off. (I have not listened to the recording yet, but from the description it seems like the same.) Average failure mileage is 27,900 miles. The exact same thing happened to me the day after I bought my '17 CRV - I went out into the garage to turn on the outside garage light, and my car was making a buzzing/vibrating noise. Engines are a lot like the human body, which is a pretty noisy thing if you listen closely enough. It seems normal because my moms jeep does it all the time. The beeping lasts for a minute, then stops. When this happens, oil does not reach the top part of the engine, making it create a shrill tapping or ticking sound. i think it may be the lifters, but im not sure. It was making a low rumbling /bubbling sound almost as if you were boiling water on the stove and it just started to bubble. I left because I was scared the car was going to explode or something. The needle stays at 20in/hg then slowly goes to … The noise last for about 2-3min then it stopped. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. #6. ordaa777. It first sounds like a small rattle noise, than it disappears and sounds like there is small stones or pebbles inside it. I noticed a loud clicking/ticking noise after turning off the car after about 15 min of driving. It doesn’t happen all the time, and I haven’t been able to correlate it with anything. Humming noise from front of car after it is off 2 Answers When my car is turned off there is a humming/buzzing noise coming from the front end. After I've been driving for a longer trip, 30 minutes or more, the engine makes a weird buzzing noise for about 20 to 30 seconds after being turned off.